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32 Wireless Zones, 3 PGM outputs, 1 optional output
Supports 2 RPT1, 16 wireless PGMs, 32 remote controls, 8 wireless keypads
RF jamming supervision


Compatible with MG6250 and RTX3; Colour depend on availability
100dB Piezo siren, Squawk functionality
Weather resistant design with UV Protection
Fully powered using three 1.5 Vdc type "C" alkaline batteries (included)
Wireless range: 35m (RF Freq 433Mhz), Dimensions: 13.4cm x 21.17cm x 5.1cm

  • DCTXP2 wireless magnetic door contact
  • Paradox DCTXP2 Medium Contact
  • Use with doors and windows or any requirements
  • Can use contact to wired input devices like additional wired door contacts, wireless Optex VX402R, BX80NR and Takex wireless outdoor beams.
  • Requires Paradox RTX3 receiver or use with Paradox 5050 or Paradox consoles
  • Pet Immune detection
  • Anti-masking - Active IR detection for sprayed liquids and blocking items up to 30 cm
  • Integrated creep zone detection
  • Dual detectors controlled by Full Authority Digital Electronics Control (FADEC)
  • Optical pet discrimination geometry to support Super Pet Immunity
  • Dual tamper detection
  • Wired, Solid State Relay output
  • 32 wireless zones.
  • Maximum number of remote controls 32.
  • Compatible remote controls: REM1, RAC1, REM15, REM101.
  • Compatible transmitter-cordless radar (SP series only): DCT10, DCTXP2, DCT2, PMD1P, PMD75, PMD85, SD738.


• One high-sensitivity reed switch (magnet included)
• Wireless range in a typical residential environment: 20m (65ft) with MG6160 and MG6130; 40m (130ft) with MG5000, MG5050 and RTX3
• Available in 433MHz or 868MHz
• Anti-tamper switch
• Dimensions: 4.4cm x 3.0cm x 1.7cm (1.7in x 1.2in x 0.7in)


Secolink 8 Zones Expendable To 16 Zones Control Panel Pack (SC-PAS816-24.3-MY)

~ 1pcs IP card LAN / Ethernet communicateur LAN800
~2pcs graphical LCD Keypad 
~1pcs 12V 7AH Battery (EG12-7.2)
~1 unit 16.5V 1.5Amp Transformer 
`1pc Metal Cabinet
~5pcs Magnetic Contact
~10pcs Vibration sensor
~1pcs temper switch
~1pcs high power siren
~1pcs internal siren
~1unit strobe light
~1unit polycarbonate siren box


~1pcs graphical LCD Keypad 

~1pcs 12V 7AH Battery (EG12-7.2)

~1 unit 16.5V 1.5Amp Transformer 

~1pc Metal Cabinet

~ 1pcs IP card LAN / Ethernet communicateur LAN800