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Package includes:
MG6250 Integrated console with LCD keypad x 1
PA7 Power adaptor & backup battery x 1
REM15 Remote control x 1
DCTXP2 2-zone Door/Window Transmitter x 2


Magellan 2-partition 64-zone Wireless Console with Optional GPRS/GSM
Simultaneous 5-channel reporting offers reporting via GPRS, GSM, SMS, Voice and
traditional landline
Speakerphone; built-in voice and utility reporting; built-in 90dB siren
Two-way Voice communication
16 users, 16 remote controls, 8 wireless PGM
Supports 4 wireless sirens, 4 wireless keypads, 4 wireless repeaters


Impact and temperature resistant casing (-35°C ~ 50°C)
Extremely reliable and false-alarm free
Dual optics (2 dual opposed element sensors)
Dual optical filtering system; Multi-level sensitivity adjustment
Comes with FREE Heavy-Duty Outdoor Swivel Bracket (SB85)


Outdoor/Indoor Window and Sliding Door Dual Detector
with Anti-Masking and Pet-Immunity
Anti-masking - Active IR detection for sprayed liquids and blocking items up to 30 cm
Optical pet discrimination geometry to support Super Pet Immunity
Wired, Solid State Relay output

  • Extremely reliable and false-alarm free
  • Dual optics (2 dual opposed element sensors)
  • Provides accurate pet immunity using a patented combination of advanced optics and digital processing technologies
  • Immune to pets weighing up to 40Kg
  • Digital Dual Opposed Detection
  • 11m x 11m, 90° viewing angle
  • Extremely high EMI and RFI rejection
  • PCB uses only surface mount components
  • 11m (35ft) X 11m (35ft); 110° viewing angle
  • Comes with FREE Bracket (469)

1 unit RX1 Wireless Receiver Module
2 units REM15 Remote Control

  • High-sensitivity piezoelectric element
  • Five sensitivity settings
  • 2.5m (8ft) protection range
  • Anti-tamper switch


  • Adjustable lens position (0° or 10°)
  • Selectable operational voltage (12V DC or 24V DC)
  • Adjustable alarm signal duration
  • Detects hand-sized objects for card access applications 2m X 1.5m (7ft X 5ft)
  • Detects body-sized objects for security applications 6m X 4.5m (20ft X 15ft)



Wireless 2-Zone Door Contact (35m distance) c/w 3 "AAA" Batteries
- Each zone is independent and has its own serial number

- Zone 1: High sensitivity Reed switch (magnet included)
- Zone 2: Universal transmitter input (N.O. / N.C.)
- Dimensions: 12.4cm (H) x 4.5cm (W) x 3.3cm (D)


Dual Element sensor
11m (35ft) X 11m (35ft); 88.5° viewing angle
Automatic temperature compensation
Immune to animals weighing up to 18kg
Comes with FREE Bracket (469) and 3pcs AAA battery


High-sensitivity photoelectric smoke sensor
Built-in siren; Test/Hush button; LED operation indicator
3V lithium battery, Duracell or Panasonic CR123A (3 VDC)

  • 16 meter Wireless Dual Mironel detector
  • Active Anti-Mask IR detection
  • Pet immunity
  • Wireless internal frequency selection
  • Dual/Single Edge operation
  • Mechanical activation Creep Zone
  • Dual Tamper (cover and wall)
  • Wall or corner-mount
  • EN 50131-2-2 Grade 2
  • Dual side active IR anti-masking detection, will detect sprayed liquids and blocking
  • Pet immunity capability, up to 40 kg (90 lb)
  • 4 dual element sensors arrangement
  • 12m range each side
  • Combination optics ? mirror and Fresnel lens
  • Single or dual operation modes
  • Optical and digital range adjustments
  • Dual LED and buzzer indicators